Premiere of the new project by Alicia Soto with Helena Reis. Piano and Dance Concert can be seen on November 19 at Casa da Guia in the Espacio Lounge (Cascais, Portugal) at 7:30 p.m.

A piano and dance concert created by Helena Reis and Alicia Soto. An intimate conversation between two women artists that begins with a question posed by the audience, to which each will respond in her own language to start the dialogue.

“I hear the sound of your dress rubbing on the floor, I hear the sound of your feet, you dance.

My hands dance on the piano keys in response to your melody.”



Pianist, composer, researcher, lyricist and singer of Alentejo origin. Classically trained, she is interested in improvisation and traditional Portuguese music from which the project Fio à Meada was born. She is a member of the group CIRCULAR – Voces in Directed Improvisation. She was a research associate in a project coordinated by the University of York and a PhD candidate in Performing Arts at the University of Lisbon.