Regards (Looks) in Segovia

Regards - Alicia Soto Hojarasca - Compañia de Danza Contemporanea

Teatro Juan Bravo. Plaza Mayor, 6. Segovia
When: 21 May. 20:30 h. Duration: 1 h
Price: 8 €. Young Price (under 25 years old): 4 €
Red de Teatros Públicos de Castilla y León


Regards (Looks) is an opportunity to gaze with the body and the heart.
Gaze to understand, focus, and take care of one’s life.
Breakdance emerges and penetrates the contemporary fabric of the performance, but is soon led astray, swept off to other paths by the eternal winds of time.
In four distinct moments, four human landscapes, and four liberating labyrinths between the city and destiny, the desert and free-will, solitude and light, tenderness and darkness, silence and flight, voices and the ground…two beings reveal themselves.


Regards (Looks) is created in different artistic residencies between Spain and Morocco with the collaboration of the Cervantes Institute in Casablanca, El Patio Corsario in Valladolid, La Nave del Duende in Casar de Cáceres, and the Teatro Principal in Burgos.
This performance is the culmination of a year’s work and the artistic relationship between Alicia Soto and Julián Gómez Pabón.

Show included in the catalog Excenario AECID 2020-22.


International Premiere: September 2018. Stage Dance Festival Shanghai. China.

Premiere in Spain: 2019. Teatro Principal de Burgos