From November 30 to December 2, Alicia Soto will give the Cuerpo Cuerpo Workshop at the Instituto Cervantes in Casablanca (Morocco).

An experience of encounter, creation and collective expression to build a common time where the closeness of the gazes and bodies can be felt: what they are silent about, what that speak, what they dance and sing. What can a body carry inside? What memories, stories and dreams?

This dance, theater and music workshop, aimed at women over 16 years old (with or without artistic experience), is an opportunity to share feminine wisdom, made of experience and intuition. A women’s creation that is an artistic and transforming encounter of cultures.

Taught by: Alicia Soto, director and choreographer of the Alicia Soto-Hojarasca Company, with the participation of the female cast of the company. The workshop is part of the project developed for the show The Garden of the Hesperides.

Organized by Visage 2022, in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute of Casablanca.


Schedule: from 10:30h. to 13:30h.
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