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According to 4 international dance companies.

5 x 5 después del 19 is an international project with the participation of four dance companies from Spain, Mexico, France, Belgium and the Moroccan director and actor Abdellah Chakiri. A digital piece that collects the testimony of the artists, showing the creative process and the final work they were developing before, during and after Covid-19, from different perspectives of their productions.
The piece shows the rehearsals of his creative process, the impact that the pandemic has on his creations and the final work presented.

The project arises thanks to the artistic collaboration between Abdellah Chakiri and stage director and choreographer Alicia Soto, who have already worked together on other projects.


K-danse. Director: Jean Marc Matos. France
Opinion public. Director: Etienne Béchard. Belgium
Visual Dance. Directors: Leonardo Beltrán y Patricia
Marín. México
Alicia Soto-Hojarasca. Directora: Alicia Soto. España

5×5 Después del 19 Dossier [ENG]