[Third Study of “Miradas” (‘Looks’)]
Mapping of the body in an architectural space

The Project

Architecture as an inspiration for the semiotics of the body.

As a starting point, the impact on the retina of an architectural design, urban or natural. The architectural definition of a space, lines, angles and curves that remain alive in the time.
Stories of the past and the present, the moment: lives, people and events that float in another dimension. A dimension invisible but present, which you can feel… on the body, hence this.

The body in the architectural space.

The cartography of the movement will be defined by emotion and emotion discovers and describes a path where the soul emerges and attaches to a cartography that runs through the body space and space as a dimension of nothingness.
A nothingness filled with meaning because it is inhabited by stories, stories that impact on the soul, replenishing walking by the cartography of the body, whose element of connection to reality is the public and the space inhabited by people, in a real time.
This definition of the mapping of the body by an architectural space in the public intervenes directly. Creating a relationship between the body, the architectural space and the public. So that visual impact of architectural space becomes the Communicator thread between the body and the public, first from the semiotics of the body up to the verb.


The public and the time, waiting. Only the action of be and look as time passes, as a Sunrise, an urban space or landscape.
And since improvisation exploration of something new happens quite unpredictable and unrepeatable for the public and the body.

“What we dream dreams. Maybe dreams are memories that the soul has of the body”.
(José Saramago, the Gospel according to Jesus Christ).

“Mapping of the body in architecture” is a scenic work based on a unique and unrepeatable experience between the public and the artist within an emblematic natural or urban architectural framework.
This experimental work is created from a dialogue between the body, the architectural space and the public, accompanied by a sound, according to each location and experience.
And in every experience, as confidence grows, they will be more scenic elements necessary and keeping each architectural space, turning it into an installation.
This project is that the artist addresses, after 20 years of experience is based on the pillars of its choreographic creation processes:
Improvisation, the importance of space, its architecture, the public and the image.

The image, draw a map with all the mapping through the lens of a photographer:

En each mapping will be a photographic testimony, a work of connection between the image and the body and the architectural space.
Inviting a photographer to testify and that reflects its objective, moments, details, sighs and emotions of each one of the experiences for each experience.
Building at the end a tour, a union between all the territories creating a global map of all the cartographies of the body in architecture. Being reflected in a catalog.
And creating, who knows, a show that needs of the passage of time.

Map of the maps:

The tour of the territories begins in Valladolid, to follow in Digne-les-Bains (France) and end in Lisbon, but along the way will appear other territories where they develop other cartographies of the body in a natural, architectural or urban space.

Mapping of the body in an architectural space, territory Valladolid:

  • An urban landscape architecture : “Estudio 1, Nocturno”. Salón de los Espejos, Teatro Calderón.

Scenic development and staging in artistic residence:

Each mapping will mean the creation of a different, being built in each space on-site staging, which will involve performing a pre-work presentations in a work of artistic residence.

Researching and creating, shaping, as in a picture each element where:

  • The Sonora composition.
  • Light and color, from where and to where.
  • Boost each set element that sets space.
    …And the body.

Each mapping will be unique and unrepeatable.

With the collaboration of Teatro Calderón of Valladolid.