Alicia Soto - Contemporary Dance Company


Imagina-te [Imagine-It] is an artistic experience that generates the creativity so valued in the educational curriculum.It is a transversal experience that is connected with the subjects of communication, health, physical education, music. It encourages the acquisition of a new audience, encouraging young people of the importance of going to the theater and having an artistic experience.

It extols human values ​​and qualities: equality, freedom, creativity, strength, and disinhibition. Being tolerant of what is foreign and strengthening the group, so necessary for the positive dynamic of development of the educational curriculum.

Young people participate in a workshop on emotion and movement: This workshop is not a dance workshop or a theater workshop, understood in a traditional pedagogical structure, it is a workshop that, starting from the natural movement of each student, uses tools that directly connect with emotional intelligence, with the subconscious of each student, which allows you to discover your emotions and your imagination, with all its capabilities.

They are spectators of a break dance and contemporary dance show Study 3: Looks.

And they debate among themselves.