La Petite Voiture 2.0

Direction and choreography Alicia Soto


La Petite Voiture 2.0 is a roaming performance of technology and dance, breaking the fourth wall, with which the audience constantly interacts. The spectators must follow instructions in order to enjoy both the video-creation captured on the 4 windows of the little car, and the live performance of the Countess and the chauffeur’ s/gentleman’s choreographies.


La Petite Voiture 2.0 is a new production of the company’s 2011 successful and revolutionary piece La Petite Voiture. La Comtesse. The new version, which will be directed and choreographed by Alicia Soto will undergo a formal revision. Replacing the actor who gave life to the ‘gentleman’ will be Julian Gomez Pabón, break dancer, who will share stage with the dance Paloma Calderón (who takes over from Alicia). It will also present some conceptual changes, as there will be more criticism of patriarchy and the stigmatization of women, through aspects such as money, glamour and beauty.

La Petite Voiture Dossier [ENG]