count your body

Dance, music and theater workshop. Aspects such as equality and social inclusion are worked on.
An experience of meeting, of collective creation and expression with the construction of a dialogue, to break down the barriers of prejudice. To build a common time where the closeness of gazes and bodies can be felt: what is silent, what is spoken, what is danced, and what is sung. What can a body carry inside? What memories, stories and dreams?

Taught by: Alicia Soto, director and choreographer of the Alicia Soto-Hojarasca Company.
Aimed at women over 16 years of age, with special attention to migrant women.

With the collaboration of Social Action Centers of the populations of:
La Seca, Matapozuelos, Pozaldez, Rueda, Serrada, Viana de Cega.

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A movement, rhythm and imagination workshop to bring dance closer to children in order to create future spectators or dance students, emphasizing the pedagogical aspect. The union of dance and music helps children in their intellectual and physical growth, enhancing psychomotor skills and memory.

Aimed at children from 3 to 5 years old and from 6 to 8 years old.
Taught by: Alicia Soto, with the assistance of Itzel Vela.

break dance workshop

Break dance and urban dances are the new dance language of childhood and youth today. His practice helps bring dance closer to children and young people, creating an interest to build a future public. Likewise, it helps the youngest to create a community. It is an art executed in the street that promotes sharing and building ties.
The workshop will be given by Julián Gómez Pabón, a professional break dancer and one of the first b-boys in Spain.. Julián has an important artistic career in relevant companies on the national scene and has participated as a judge in different national break dance competitions.

Aimed at children from 8 to 12 years old and young people.

art lab

An image laboratory for the creation of cultural activities for social networks (Facebook, Tik-Tok, Instagram…). It is a practical technological experience that will provide audiovisual coverage to all the activities that will be carried out in the Un paso adelante project.
The selected young people will be in charge of creating the digital content during the activities: photos, videos, interviews where the performances and workshops take place.
At the same time, they will be taught how to design such content, and how it should be disseminated. All artistic digital content will be published on the social networks of the young people themselves, those of the Un paso adelante project and the social networks of the populations that participate in the activities. This will allow to create a connection and a community, opening a door of opportunities for the young people.

Aimed at young people between 17 and 20 years old.
Taught by: Luis A. Barajas