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YEAR 2023

March 22. Regards (looks). The Foundry. Seville. C. Andalusia

May 7th. La Petite Voiture 2.0. Casar de Cáceres.

From June 4 to 25. Non-urban area cultural revitalization project One step forward. performances of La Petite Voiture 2.0:

-June 4. Medina of Ríoseco (Valladolid)

-June 10th. La Seca (Valladolid)

-11th of June. Villalar de los Comuneros (Valladolid)

-June 17. Nava del Rey (Valladolid)

-June 18. Olmedo (Valladolid)

-June 23. Matapozuelos (Valladolid)

-June 24. Rueda (Valladolid)

-June 25th. Tordesillas (Valladolid)

July 8. La Petite Voiture 2.0. Graus (Huesca). NOCTE Festival.

July 18. La Peur de la couleur. Djarama Dialaw. Yenne ndayane. Senegal.

August 5. Regards (looks). Median Hill. C. Madrid. C. Real Municipal Theater. XVII FESTIVAL OF MUSIC AND DANCE OF THE WORLD.

16 of September. Study 3: Looks. Pancrude. Teruel. C. Aragon. GAIRE FESTIVAL.

September 23. Study 3: Looks. General Palace Square. Getafe. C. Madrid. XXV INTERNATIONAL STREET THEATER FESTIVAL (FITEC).

October 21. Human landscapes. Cervantes Institute of Casablanca. Within the IX edition of the Casablanca Choreographic Meetings. Morocco.

From November 7 to 12. And you, who do you bring? Bariloche, Rosario and San Martín de los Andes. Argentina. Nevadas Escénicas de Río Negro International Theater Festival.

December 21. Regards (Looks). Inside the CyL Choreographers Gala. Calderón Theater in Valladolid. C. CyL.


YEAR 2022

January 29. The Garden of the Hesperides. Musical Theater of Valencia. Valencian C.

Feb. 10. The Garden of the Hesperides. Palace Theater of the Audience of Soria. C. CYL.

May 21th. Regards (Looks). Juan Bravo Theater in Segovia. Within the CyL Theater Network. C. CyL

June 18. 2 representations of Regards (Looks). Guirigai Hall of the Saints of Maimona (Badajoz). C. Extremadura.

August 16th. The Garden of the Hesperides. Municipal Theater of La Bañeza (León), JCYL theater network. C. CyL

17 of August. 2 representations of La Petite Voiture 2.0 on the track at Parque del Encuentro de Serrada (Valladolid). C Cyl

August 19. La Petite Voiture 2.0. II Heritage Festival of Castilla y León in Cebreros (Ávila).

September 9. 2 representations of Study 3 (Looks). Enclave Street Festival (Burgos).

September 29th. presentation of Sublime Anger in Almada.

October 9. 2 representations of La Petite Voiture 2.0. History Center (Zaragoza). Pillar parties. C. Aragon.

October 12 °. 2 representations of Study 3 (Looks). Valencia de Alcántara (Cáceres).

October 29 and 30. 2 representations of For a handful of hairs at the D'jarama Arts Cultural Center in Ndayane (Senegal).

November 11th. The Garden of the Hesperides. Teatro Real Coliseo de Carlos III de San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid). Madrid theater network.

November 13. The Garden of the Hesperides. Main Theater (Burgos).

November 19th. Dance and Piano Concert at the Casa da Guia, Guia Lounge in Cascais (Portugal). 2 functions.

December 9. The Garden of the Hesperides. Mohammed V National Theater of Rabat (Morocco).

December 10. The Garden of the Hesperides. Mohammed VI Theater in Casablanca (Morocco) within the Visages program.



YEAR 2021

February 12. The Garden of the Hesperides. La Nave del Duende Theater, Casar de Cáceres, C. Extremadura.

February 14th. The Garden of the Hesperides. Serrada Cultural Center, Valladolid. C.CYL

18th of February. The Garden of the Hesperides. León Auditorium, 1st Semester of CYL Theater Network. C. CYL.

March 26 and 27. Regards. Luis Landero Cultural Center, Badajoz. C. Extremadura.

April 23rd. Study 3: Looks. Alcobendas, C. Madrid.

May 31 to June 7. Project Go figure D´jarama association cultural center, Dakar, Senegal. Two show functions Study:3 Looks.

19th of June. The Garden of the Hesperides. Arab House, Madrid, C. Madrid.

July 14. Study 3: Looks. Museum of Human Evolution of Burgos. C.CYL

July 17th. Study 3: Looks. Casa da Guia Amphitheater, Cascais Portugal.

August 29. Study 3: Looks. Castilla y León Heritage Stage Festival organized by the Culture and Tourism Department of the JCYL.

Courtyard of the Treaty Houses, Tordesillas, Valladolid.

September 18. Study 3: Looks, cultural activities, the Serrada Harvest festival. Art Walk. Two passes C. CYL.

September 27th. Study 3: Looks. Nova Awards from the Sports Department of the JCYL.C. CYL.

October 13. Pass of 5 x 5 after the 19th. LDC Festival, Madrid. Berlanga Room Sgae Foundation. C. Madrid.

October the 17th. The garden of the Hesperides at the Xijón Dance Festival. XX exhibition of contemporary dance and movement arts.

Old Institute Culture Center. C. Asturias.

November 24. The Garden of the Hesperides. Iberian exhibition of performing arts MAE, Extremadura. Great theater of Cáceres at 12:30 p.m. C. Extremadura.

December 2. The Garden of the Hesperides. Caja Burgos Aranda de Duero Cultural Center, within the 2nd Semester of the CYL Theater Network. C. CYL.

December 4th. The Garden of the Hesperides. CCC Cultural and Congress Center Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.

Within the programming of Mostra Espanha, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. International.

December 10. Regards. III Calderón Theater Dance Gala, Valladolid.


YEAR 2020

February 28th. The garden of the Hesperides, Center Culturel Ain Harrouda, Casablanca, Morocco.

August 4th. Regards, Designation of Origin Festival, Palacio de la Isla, Burgos, C. CYL 1 function. 3 artists participate.

September 25 and 26. The garden of the Hesperides. Calderón Theater of Valladolid, Valladolid Festival Scene.

31 OctoberThe Garden of the Hesperides. Teatro Principal de Burgos, 2nd Semester Theater Network, Burgos C. CYL.

October 23. Study 3: looks. House of the Shells, Salamanca. C. CyL

November 6 and 7. Regards. Kinetic space Taktá, Cáceres, C. Extremadura.

December 11. Video-dance presentation 5 x 5 after the 19th. 12th edition of the InShadow Screendance International Festival Lisbon, Portugal.


YEAR 2019

23 of March. And you, who do you bring? Tangier. Organized by the Spanish Embassy in Morocco and the Cervantes Institute of Tangier. Morocco.

April 19th. Regards. Thèâtre La FOL Casablanca. Morocco.

April 26. Regards. Burgos Main Theater. CyL Theater Network.

28th of April. Regards. León Auditorium. CyL Theater Network.

May 2. Study 3: looks. Marbella Dance Festival. Andalusia.

8 of June. Study 3: looks. VIII Vila-real Dance Festival. Valencia.

June 14th. Study 3: looks. Art Box in Torrejón de Ardoz. III International Choreographic Contest Píldoras. Madrid.

July 6th. Study 3: looks. III International urban festival of North Africa. Tangier. Morocco.

12th of July. Study 3: looks. South Atlantic Performing Arts Market MAPAS, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands.

August 24. Regards. CyL Ciudad Rodrigo Theater Fair. Salamanca. CyL.

September 5, 6 and 7. Regards. Mostra Espanha 2019. Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain with the collaboration of the Spanish Embassy in Lisbon and AECID. Lisbon. Portugal.

September 21st. Regards. Unesco Scene Program in San Cristóbal de la Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands.

October 6. For a handful of hairs. Association Djarama. Dakar. Senegal.

October 9. Study 3: looks. Aescena Festival. Aguilar de Campoo. CyL.

October 12 °. Regards. The Ship of the Duende, Casar de Cáceres. Estremadura.

October 21. Regards. Gijón Dance Festival. Asturias.

October 22. Study 3: looks. Gijón Dance Festival. Asturias.

October 25. Study 3: looks. LDC Festival. Sanchinarro Cultural Center. Madrid.

November 14th. Study 3: looks. Dance Festival organized by the Cervantes Institute of Casablanca. Morocco.


YEAR 2018

23 of February. Regards. Dance with the Berlanga Festival. “BB” Sgae Foundation. Madrid.

April 13th. Regards. The Ship of the Duende, Casar de Cáceres. Estremadura.

April 14th. Study 3: Looks. The Ship of the Duende, Casar de Cáceres. Estremadura.

July 6th. Study 3: Looks. Gesto Festival, Torrelodones. Madrid.

July 7th. Regards. Patio Corsario, Valladolid. CyL.

August 23rd. Study 3: Looks. Summers of Tetouan. Pza. Canal Isabel II. Madrid.

September 27 and 28. Regards. 2st Shanghai International Contemporary Dance Stage. Shanghai. China.

October 16 and 17. Regards. Unstable room. Valencia.

October 19 and 20. Study 3: Looks. FIT International Ibero-American Festival of Cádiz. Andalusia.

October 2nd. Regards. Fernando Ríos Cultural Center. Madrid

November 3rd. Regards. Lázaro Carreter Cultural Center. Madrid

From November 28 to 30. Study 3: Looks. Lava, Laboratory of the Arts. Valladolid. CyL.

December 13 and 14. Regards. Arbolé Room. Aragon.


YEAR 2017

June 10th. Study 3: Looks. LDC Lava Festival. Valladolid. CyL.

June 20th. Study 3: Looks. V International Dance Symposium. Segovia. CyL.

July 10th. Study 3: Looks. LDC Festival. Sanchinarro Cultural Center. Madrid.

August 4th. Study 3: Looks. El Jadida. Morocco.

16 of September. Study 3: Looks. Assunçao Theater-Studio. Almada. Lisbon. Portugal.

From September 21 to 24. And you, who do you bring? Assunçao Theater-Studio. Almada. Lisbon. Portugal.

November 24. And you, who do you bring? Cervantes Institute of Casablanca

Organized by the Embassy of Spain. White House. Morocco.

October 13 and 14. And you, who do you bring? The Sensation Theater. Real city.

October 19 and 20. Study 3: Looks. The Goblin Ship. Casar de Cáceres. Estremadura.

November 9. Study 3: Looks. Festival Reclam. Valencia.

November 11 and 12. Study 3: Looks. Corsair Space. Valladolid. CyL.

November 14 and 15. And you, who do you bring? Arbolé Theater. Saragossa. Aragon.

December 3. Study 3: Looks. Burgos Main Theater. CyL.

December 9. And you, who do you bring? Burgos Main Theater. CyL.

December 14 and 15. And you, who do you bring? Unstable room. Valencia.


YEAR 2016

June 24. We do not know what to do. Aravaca. Madrid.

July 7th. We do not know what to do. IPAMS GREC Barcelona. Catalonia.

July 30 and 31. encounters. 1st Shanghai International Contemporary Dance Festival. China.

August 21. encounters. Aguilar de Campoo. Palencia. 22nd ARCA International Meeting. CyL.

26 of August. Study 3: Looks. 19th Castilla y León Theater Fair. Ciudad Rodrigo. Salamanca. CyL.

October 15th. We do not know what to do. Zamora Main Theater. Theater Network Programming. CyL.

October 20 and 21. We do not know what to do. II Cycle Des Refuses, Teatro Arbolé. Saragossa. Aragon.

October 23. Study 3: Looks. Les Rencontres Chorégraphique de Casablanca. White House. Morocco.

October 26 and 27. We do not know what to do. Unstable Theater. Valencia.

November 12 and 13. encounters. The 13th Guangdong Dance Festival. Guanzhou. China.

November 24. Bewilderment, Study 1: Nocturne. Cervantes Institute of Casablanca. Organized by the Embassy of Spain. Morocco.

December 9. Bewilderment, Study 1: Nocturne. Cervantes Institute of Rabat. Organized by the Embassy of Spain. Morocco.

December 15. We do not know what to do. Albéitar Theater. University of Leon. CyL.


YEAR 2015

January 22. Bewilderment, Study 1: Nocturne. Madferia. Madrid.

March 14. Bewilderment, Study 1: Nocturne. Burgos Main Theater. CYL.

April 30 and May 1. encounters. 28 Fest. Int. FITALCARRER. Vila-Real. Valencia.

May 16. We do not know what to do. The Aravaca. Vila-Real. Madrid.

August 8. encounters. Fest.Inter. Teatrodestreet. San Pedro del Pinatar. Murcia.

September 26 and 27. We do not know what to do. The Cambaleo Ship. Aranjuez. Madrid.

October the 17th. Bewilderment, Study 1: Nocturne. Zorrilla Theater. Valladolid. CyL.

November 5th. Bewilderment, Study 1: Nocturne. Echegaray Theater. Malaga. Andalusia.

December 4 and 5. We do not know what to do. Burgos Main Theater. CyL.

December 10. encounters. University of Leon. CyL.