Dance Dialogues at the LDC Dance Festival. October 20 at Teatros del Canal.

The Academy of Performing Arts of Spain presents Dance Dialogues, an activity coordinated by the academic Alicia Soto that on this occasion will be part of the LDC Dance Festival. It will be held at Teatros del Canal on October 20 (free admission). Along with Alicia Soto, the dancer Cristian Martín will participate, while Laura Hormigón, musicologist and former dancer, will be the moderator.

Dance Dialogues is an activity promoted by the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain that creates a space for the word and reflection on the discipline of dance. Coordinated by the academic Alicia Soto, delegate of the dance specialty, this new edition of Dance Dialogues is organized in collaboration with the LDC Dance Festival (A place to share dance and other arts) and will be scheduled within the LDC MEETS section.

The festival was born in 2017 with a transversal and multidisciplinary nature, it is a place to investigate, innovate and share new languages around the diversity of dance, with a social and inclusive perspective. It is organized by EnClaveDANZA, ES.ARTE and Culturia | Social Innovation.


LDC Meets. dance dialogues

19:00 – 20:30. Canal Theaters (Canal Choreographic Center). Gratuitous. Limited capacity
The event is free of charge and access will be guaranteed until capacity is reached, to those who have reserved their place by writing to the email The activity will also be broadcast via the channel Festival YouTube.

Alice Soto: Dancer, choreographer and educator, graduated in interpretation and choreography from the Higher School of Dramatic Art and Dance, Instituto del Teatro, Barcelona. Director of the company Alicia Soto-Hojarasca.

Christian Martin: Graduated from the Royal Professional Dance Conservatory of Madrid, this experienced dancer and young creator is one of the talents with the most projection on the most emerging national scene. Her dance training and versatility is wide and heterogeneous, training in classical ballet, contemporary dance, Spanish dance and flamenco.

Laura Concrete: PhD in musicology, dance researcher and former classical prima ballerina. After training in Madrid, she was the prima ballerina of the Cuban National Ballet under the direction of Alicia Alonso (1995-2005). He is currently engaged in research. He has published several books and articles and has given lectures at conferences and seminars.