Paroxysm of Alicia Soto-Hojarasca and Pedro Sena Nunes. International Dance Day 2022

Paroxysm It is the exaltation of emotions, dancing is showing the emotions we carry inside, letting ourselves be carried away by them. This video is the result of a shoot created in June 2021, in Portugal they were fresh out of the last confinement in May 2021. The joint work with Pedro Sena Nunes clearly shows this Paroxysm of hidden emotions that we felt in people and perhaps in ourselves.

Perhaps, it is not the video to celebrate International Dance Day, but it is a visual text after covid 19.


The beauty of dance is the purity of the truth and the reality that we live openly.

Let's be optimistic, let's celebrate life and dance.

Happy International Dance Day 2022.


Alice Soto