Regards (Looks) in Badajoz. June 18 at the Guirigai Theater

Regards (Looks) in BadajozRegards - Alicia Soto Hojarasca - Compañia de Danza Contemporanea


Guirigai Theater. C/ Virgen del Pilar, 2.
The Saints of Maimona (Badajoz). 
Performance: 7:30 p.m. Duration: 1 hour.
Tickets: at the box office.
Advance sale: in Los Santos de Maimona, at the Tourist Office and at the Institute Bookstore. In Zafra, in the La Industrial bookstore.


Regards (Looks) It is an opportunity to look with the body and the heart.
Look until you understand, look better, take care of life with your eyes.
Dancing on contemporary skin, a Break attitude emerges that, despite penetrating and transgressing, allows itself to be captivated by other paths of the wind of all time.
Four moments, four human landscapes, four liberating labyrinths.

Regards (Looks) It was created in different artistic residencies between Spain and Morocco, with the collaboration of the Cervantes Institute (Casablanca), the Patio Corsario (Valladolid), La Nave del Duende (Casar de Cáceres) and Teatro Principal (Burgos). It represents the culmination of a year of work and artistic relationship between Alicia Soto and Julián Gómez Pabón.

Show included in the AECID Excenario 2020-22 catalogue.

International premiere: September 2018. Stage Dance Festival Shanghai. China.
National premiere: 2019. Teatro Principal de Burgos.