"Encounters" Perdormance dance. A melee in an urban space and unconventional spaces.

Duration 20 minutes.

Premiere April 30 in Vila-real Castellón, in the 28th edition of the FITCARRER International Festival. Co-produced by FITCARRER Festival



"Eyes that meet in the distance,
in an instant,
the time stops,
the rumor remains mute and the words are on that frequency that only the soul understands. This is how a story begins."

Life is full of encounters, fortuitous, planned... it is in the encounters where a new friendship, a new love, a new project is founded. The power of the encounter resides in the fact that it can change the course of a lifetime and chance, or perhaps destiny, plays an almost mystical role.

In this show, we work from the concept of the street itself, without that place of exhibition typical of the theaters, it breaks with the concept of the preparation or placement of the public, there is no showcase and its protagonists could be any passerby of the street.

It is a show with public interaction where the energy of movement and emotion merge.

artistic sheet

Artistic direction and choreography: Alicia Soto
Dancers-performers: Raúl Gago de la Viuda, Alicia Soto
Musical Creation: Luis la Forga
Video recording: La Hormiga Productions
Photography: Luis Antonio Barajas, Gerardo Sanz
Costumes: Alicia Soto – Hojarasca
Creative design: José Navarro
Administration: Sofía García Fernández
Distribution: Mª Carmen Pla
Communication: Carolina Sanz
Management: João Sousa Marques


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