SKINSite XIII "Memento Mori"

The Encounter of Alicia Soto and Post Theater
During Alicia Soto's ongoing and constant research project as a choreographer and dancer in the world of performing arts, especially interested in multimedia and its wide possibilities in the artistic world, she discovered Cía. Post Theater giving a workshop in the city of Berlin, where this multifaceted company has its base of operations made up of Hiroko Tanahashi and Max Scheduler, both researchers, creators and producers of their own projects, like Alicia Soto y su Cía. leaf litter

It is in this meeting where empathy and connection, both at a human and professional level, give rise to a second meeting, this time of collaboration, with both parties deciding to carry out a joint work laboratory coinciding with the presentation of Post Teather at the Festival. of the Arts of Salamanca of two performances that fuse the world of dance and multimedia with absolute beauty and harmony: «Pervillion» and «skinSITEs».

The one we are presenting now is the XIII version of skinSITEs premiered at the IDN Festival at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona


The 13th version of the “SkinSites” series, which is made specifically for a space, will take place in Barcelona within the Mercat de les Flors. The theater was built as the "Agriculture Pavilion" for the Barcelona International Exposition in 1929. After the exposition, the building was used as a wholesale flower market, until in 1983 it was converted into a theater.

“skinSITEs XIII” is entitled “memento mori” to celebrate the reopening of the recently renovated “Mercat de les Flors” theater. The history of the building is the history of transitory matter: the international exhibition, the flower market, the dance and the theater, its existence can be perceived only for a limited time – everything is bound to die, all beauty is limited to time. The classical-artistic idea of mortality will be brought to contemporary media – video, both with contemporary movement and choreography.

«skinSITEs» has been one of the most successful approaches with the aim of uniting the theater to a specific space thanks to multimedia.
12 cities from 9 countries in Europe and Asia have made versions for a wide range of buildings and their histories. And in this version, as in version XII, the protagonist is once again the choreographer and dancer Alicia Soto, together with the collaboration with Hiroko Tanashaki, artistic and multimedia director.

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