La Petite Voiture 2.0

Direction and choreography Alicia Soto


La Petite Voiture 2.0 is a roaming technology and dance performance, breaking the fourth wall, with which the public constantly interacts. Spectators must follow some instructions to be able to enjoy both the video creation embodied in the 4 windows of the pram, and the live interpretation of the choreographies of the Countess and the chauffeur/gentleman.

La Petite Voiture 2.0 is a new production of the successful and revolutionary 2011 Alicia Soto-Hojarasca company piece La Petite Voiture. La Comtesse. The new version, directed and choreographed by Alicia Soto, has undergone a formal review. Julian Gómez Pabón, a break dancer, who shares the scene with the dancer Paloma Calderón (who takes over from Alicia) is replacing the actor who gave life to the 'gentleman'. It also presents conceptual changes, since criticism of patriarchy and the stigmatization of women are more present, through aspects such as money, glamor and beauty.


La Petite Voiture 2.0 introduces us to the Countess and the Gentleman. The second represents glamour, the superficial world that we all love and desire at some point. The Countess lives hooked on him and what he represents and when she finds herself trapped every day she tries to escape, to get rid of what binds her. However, it is not easy to break the chains when the brightness of everything around you blinds you.
The myth of Sisyphus serves as an inspiration to show a society in which everything is repeated continuously and desperately. In addition, the show raises different questions: what is really the price of money? How are we socially conditioned? Do we all hide a little voyeur inside?; as well as a reflection on different topics: love, confinement and claustrophobia, social ties or the idea of God.
Finally, the pram is one more character in this story, representing the inner world of the Countess that we can discover through her windows and, on the other hand, being her prison and anchor to the world of the Gentleman.

artistic sheet

Artistic direction, dramaturgy, choreography and video creation: Alicia Soto

Dancers: Itzel Vela (cover: Renata Edison) and Julián Gómez Pabón

Music: Music collage

Costume Design: Elisa Sanz

Costume production: Julia Acebes and María Calderón

Set design and construction: Bruno Rossi

Construction support: César Fuentes Bronchut

Assembly workshop: Paco Serrada

Photographer: Luis Antonio Barajas

Communication and graphic design: Lemon Press and Base Cero

Production: Marta Besteiro



Video creation director: Manuel Rodríguez Arnanz

Performer: Raúl Gallo de la Viuda

Extras: Puri Recio, Soraya Suárez, Amira Vaquero Alonso and Mª Carmen Morales



Format: Small and medium.

Aimed at young and adult public.

Duration: 20 minutes.

Option to make two daily passes.

Cast: 1 b-boy + 1 dancer + 1 technician

Scenography: a micro car 1.90 m long x 1.36 m high x 1.20 m wide. The crystals are fullHD LED monitors

A production by Alicia Soto-Hojarasca. With the collaboration of the City Council of Serrada. Company subsidized by INAEM.


The internationally renowned dance company Alicia Soto-Hojarasca resumed for this production in 2022 its close collaboration with the Valladolid town of Serrada, after having been a resident company from 2005 to 2013. During that period, 9 of the most emblematic shows of his trajectory.

With the support and complicity of the Serrada City Council a renewed production of La petite voiture. The Comtesse, a show that was born in Serrada in 2011. As on that occasion La Petite Voiture 2.0 It has had many inhabitants and businesses from Serrada both in the artistic, technical and production part. For example, the transformation that was made of the car that is the protagonist of the piece, an antique from the 50s, into an ecological vehicle with screens for projections in the different windows was carried out by Talleres Paco in 2011 and now the same establishment has taken care of your set-up. In addition, there have been three women from the town in the recordings of the video-creation that accompanies the show.



Videos of the Show

La Petite Voiture 2.0 Trailer

La Petite Voiture 2.0 Trailer 2

Alicia Soto presents La Petite Voiture 2.0

COMIC of La Petite Voiture 2.0

La Petite Voiture 2.0 Teaser


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