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Regards (looks) in Collado Mediano - 8:00 pm

Municipal theater. C. Real, 36. Collado Mediano, Madrid. XVII World Music and Dance Festival.

Previous dates


YEAR 2023

March 22. The Foundry. Seville. C. Andalusia.

December 21. Inside the CyL Choreographers Gala. Calderón Theater in Valladolid. C. CyL.

YEAR 2022

May 21th. Juan Bravo Theater in Segovia. Within the CyL Theater Network. C. CyL

June 18. Guirigai Hall of the Saints of Maimona (Badajoz). C. Extremadura.

YEAR 2021

March 26 and 27. Luis Landero Cultural Center, Badajoz. C. Extremadura.

December 10. III Calderón Theater Dance Gala, Valladolid.

YEAR 2020

August 4th. Designation of Origin Festival, Palacio de la Isla, Burgos. CYL.

November 6 and 7. Kinetic space Taktá, Cáceres, C. Extremadura.

YEAR 2019

April 19th. Thèâtre La FOL Casablanca. Morocco.

April 26. Burgos Main Theater. CyL Theater Network.

28th of April. León Auditorium. CyL Theater Network.

August 24. CyL Ciudad Rodrigo Theater Fair. Salamanca. CyL.

September 5, 6 and 7. Mostra Espanha 2019. Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain with the collaboration of the Spanish Embassy in Lisbon and AECID. Lisbon. Portugal.

September 21st. Unesco Scene Program in San Cristóbal de la Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands.

October 12 °. The Ship of the Duende, Casar de Cáceres. Estremadura.

October 21. Gijón Dance Festival. Asturias.

YEAR 2018

23 of February. Dance with the Berlanga Festival. “BB” Sgae Foundation. Madrid.

April 13th. The Ship of the Duende, Casar de Cáceres. Estremadura.

July 7th. Patio Corsario, Valladolid. CyL.

September 27 and 28. 2st Shanghai International Contemporary Dance Stage. Shanghai. China.

October 16 and 17. Unstable room. Valencia.

October 2nd. Fernando Ríos Cultural Center. Madrid

November 3rd. Lázaro Carreter Cultural Center. Madrid

December 13 and 14. Arbolé Room. Aragon.