We do not know what to do

Choreography Alicia Soto and Carmen Werner
“Sometimes words fall short or we don't understand them and in this dialogue of women that we propose, it happens that we agree on this. -But... are you listening to me? – I'm fed up – me too” AS CW



Choreography Alicia Soto and Carmen Werner
When words show their fragility, we discover the doubts that remain hidden in thought.

We are a wall dancing outside of it in a space where the footprints evaporate the air dreamed by the looks. The movements adopted by the place find their breath in the intimacy released by the emotions generated with the body.

The dialogues attracted by the silence of the shadow seek in the clarity of the reflected waters the certainty of doubt. We don't know what to do... We'll keep dancing.

Luis Martinez

artistic sheet

Authorship and choreography: Alicia Soto and Carmen Werner
Performers and dancers: Alicia Soto, Carmen Werner
Choreography assistant: Alejandro Morata
Lighting Design: Miguel Angel Camacho
Sound creation: Carmen Werner
Photography: Borja Suarez, Adriana Alonso, Oscar Gil
Video: Adriana Alonso, Oscar Gil
Graphic Design: José Navarro
Production: Alicia Soto
Administration: Sofía García Fernández
Communication: Carolina Saiz


“We don't know what to do” is a contemporary dance show, a hand-to-hand dialogue performed by Alicia Soto and Carmen Werner.
Duration 50 minutes.


on September 26 and 27
in La Nave de Cambaleo, Aranjuez.

Premiere on December 4
in the Main Theater of Burgos.

Videos of the Show

We don't know what to do (short version)


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