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Imagine-te is an artistic, creative and participatory experience. Aimed at young people, based on experimenting, observing, discussing and questioning. Using the performing arts as tools: movement and theater.

The activity consists of an emotion workshop, a performance and a debate.

Aimed at Youth between:

12 to 16 years old, secondary education, that.

16 to 18 years old, Bachelor, Artistic Bachelor.


Imagina-te is an artistic experience that generates creativity so valued in the educational curriculum, it is a transversal experience that is connected with the subjects of communication, health, physical education, music. It encourages the acquisition of a new audience, encouraging young people of the importance of going to the theater and having an artistic experience.

Praises human values ​​and qualities: equality, freedom, creativity, strength and lack of inhibition. Being tolerant with foreigners and strengthening the group, so necessary for the positive dynamics of the development of the educational curriculum.

The young people participate in a workshop on emotion and movement: this workshop is not a dance or theater workshop, understood in a traditional pedagogical structure, it is a workshop that, based on the natural movement of each student, uses tools that connect directly with emotional intelligence, with the subconscious of each student, which allows them to discover their emotions and their imagination, with all their capacities.

They are spectators of a break dance and contemporary dance show Estudio 3: Looks.

And they debate among themselves.

artistic sheet

Creation, teacher and choreography: Alicia Soto
Dancers-performers: Julián Gómez Pabón and Alicia Soto
Musical Creation: Luis Laforga
Photography and video: Luis Antonio Barajas
Graphic and web design: José Navarro
Administration: Sofía García Fernández and Virginia Grigelmo
RRSS Communication: Golden Leads
Management: João Sousa Marques
Costumes: Alicia Soto – Hojarasca


Data sheet

The activity can be carried out on the stage of a theater, in the hall or other space.

Minimum stage space between 8 or 9 m long x 5 m wide.


  • 2 monitors, elevated
  • Power according to representation space
  • Equipment with subwoofer support
  • the minijack cable and a computer.

Sound technician during rehearsal and performance to play the music.

Depending on the floor of the space, a small sintasol or linoleum for the dancer's work during the piece. Measurements of 2 mx 2 m, the measurement can be greater and the color does not matter.

Contact: Alicia Soto : +34 619 400 184/ 947 25 13 37 alicia@hojarasca-danza.es

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