We celebrate 30 years at Mercartes

We will be at the information table number 250 promoting our latest shows: La Petite Voiture 2.0, The garden of the Hesperides and Regards (looks).


We like the gerund because it implies continuity, which as you well know is
something very complicated and very difficult to find in the arts sector
performing arts and specifically dance.

Because in these thirty years of profession there have been countless
reasons to have interrupted that continuity, or even to have thrown away
the towel.

We have overcome several economic crises.

We have adapted to countless changes in local governments,
provincial, regional and national.

We have met and worked side by side with countless programmers and
cultural managers.

We have visited hundreds of theaters, streets, squares and any stage
where they have allowed us to do what we do best, which is to count,
transmit and excite.

We have seen too many colleagues give up and give up along the way.

We have reinvented ourselves time and time again to continue on the back of the
creative avant-garde and new trends.

And here we continue...

Therefore, when after three decades we have to tell how we have
We have come this far, we say that we have done it by dancing, creating,
moving, producing, exciting, acting, turning, thanking,
internationalizing, expanding, dreaming, composing, expressing,
feeling, forming and loving. Or we just say we've done it
in gerund.