and you, who are you bringing?

"And you, who are you bringing?" It is a performance of transdisciplinary creation, dance, theater, music. An experience where anonymous people, enthusiasts, observers and habitual receivers of an artistic expression are the interpreters of this work.
Discovering, narrating the story that the public has to tell.
A performance that, due to its characteristics of creation in situ, in the place of representation, will be unrepeatable, unique and unpredictable.

  • Direction and creation: Alice Soto and Julio Martin da Fonseca.
  • Duration: 50 minutes.
  • Premiere September 21, 2017, Antonio Assunçao Theatre-Studio, Almada, Portugal.
  • Aimed at young people and adults


"And you, who are you bringing?" it is an experience of collective encounter, creation and expression, celebrating identity and memory, the place of the body and imagination, exchange and artistic transformation.

In addition to bringing a friend or acquaintance who also brings you,
Who else do you bring, in your body and in your mind?
Who do you bring or what do you bring inside of you, that you have never been able to express yourself with confidence and freedom?
What questions, desires, concerns, memories, landscapes, times, voices, pains, images, people, flavors, places, bodies, pleasure, smells, forgetfulness, feelings and joys do you bring to you?
Who do you talk to and what do you talk about when you are alone with yourself?

We propose the creation of a time in which we can expand what we carry inside, and share it freely, without judgement, until words are no longer enough and we have to dilute them in our bodies, and until movement is no longer enough and we have to condense it into one word.
Beyond performance, dance and theater, but with the freedom to summon them, what we are looking for is the construction of a place and a moment where we can breathe what we are, what we feel, what we think, what We imagine, what we dream... and always carry it inside, like an interior garden, like a nut, until we can once again open the doors and share it...


artistic sheet

Original idea: Julio Martin da Fonseca
Direction and creation:
Alice Soto
Julio Martin da Fonseca
Choreography: Alicia Soto
Management assistance:
Prado Pinilla, actress
Julian Gomez Pavon, dancer
Fixed interpreters:
Prado Pinilla
Julian Gomez Pavon
Alice Soto
Interpreters: 10 people aged 16 or over.
Music: Abdellah M. Hassak
Video and photography: Pedro Soares
Video: Paulo Porfirio
Creative design: José Navarro
Communication: Virginia Grigelmo
Administration: Sofía García Fernández
Management: João Sousa Marques
Show created in artistic residency at Teatro Estudio António Assunção, Compañía Teatro Extremo, Almada. Portugal

A production by Alicia Soto-Hojarasca
Phone +34 947 251337/ +34 619400184/ +212 93 622 02 89


"And you, who are you bringing?" It is a performance of transdisciplinary creation, dance, theater, music. An experience where anonymous people, enthusiasts, observers and habitual receivers of an artistic expression are the interpreters of this work.
Creating a show whose protagonists are really those spectators who occupy a seat, it is only a physical change of place.
A performance that, due to its characteristics of creation in situ, in the place of representation, will be unrepeatable, unique and unpredictable.

Laboratory Call:
The project is configured through a laboratory in open call to all types of public, with or without artistic experience, aged from 16 years onwards.
During several days in this laboratory, the artistic proposals of the participants will be worked on, as well as acting and movement work, group work and scenic creation that will end in the show-performance.
Laboratory duration: between 4 or 5 days.
Functions 1 or 2 days.
The laboratory will be convened by the theater or space that wishes the show in collaboration with the company Alicia Soto-Hojarasca.
The objective of this Laboratory-performance is to promote the social collective of a theater and encourage the creation of a new public.

theaters represented
Places that have hosted the project in 2017

  • Extreme Theater, Almada, Portugal
  • The Sensation Theater, Ciudad Real.
  • Arbolé Theater, Zaragoza
  • The Ship, Calderón Theater in Valladolid
  • Unstable Room, Valencia


Julio Martin da Fonseca

Finishing the PhD in Performative Arts at the University of Lisbon. Master in Art and Education from the Open University. Degree in Theater and Education, with dramaturgy studies from the Superior School of Theater and Cinema, Lisbon.
Pedagogical Coordinator and Professor of the Degree in Performative Arts of ESTAL – Superior School of Technologies and Arts of Lisbon. Artistic Director of TUT – Academic Theater of ULisboa. Coordinator of GECAPA – Office of Culture, Performative and Audiovisual Arts Studies of CLEPUL – University of Lisbon.
He began as an actor in TUT, with Jorge Listopad, “Segismundo en la Torre de Belem” – “Life is a dream” by Calderón de la Barca. His professional debut was at TNDM II Teatro Nacional D. Maria II in “El Anuncio a María” by Paul Claudel. Member of Teatro Maizum, directed by Silvina Pereira, he participated in works by Wenceslau de Moraes, Manuel Teixeira Gomes, Jorge Ferreira de Vasconcelos, Camões, Padre Antonio Vieira, Garrett and Eça de Queirós. In the Almada Theater Company he made Hasek's “The adventures of the brave soldier Schveik”, Calderón de la Barca's “El príncipe constante”, which he represented in Spanish at the Cáceres Theater Festival and the Almagro Classic Theater Festival, and "Helena's necklace" Carole Fréchette.
In 2006, he translated into Spanish and participated as an actor in the Portuguese-Spanish co-production “Viriato Rey” by Osório de Castro, directed by João Mota, at the Classical Theater Festival in Mérida, Spain. With TNDM II, he performed “Audiência/Vernissage/Havel” by Václav Havel, with Jorge Listopad, “A Casa da Lenha” on Fernando Lopes Graça, with João Mota, “Vinte e Zinco” by Mia Couto, with Maria João Rocha, “ What do we know? Lecture by Richard Feynman "in the Museum of Science, and" Vieira - Heaven on Earth "in the ruins of the Convento do Carmo.
On television, Shakespeare's “Macbeth” by Jorge Listopad, “La Misión” by Ferreira de Castro, by Maria João Rocha, soap operas and Portuguese and foreign series stand out. In cinema, with Paulo Rocha, “Portugaru-San, Mr. Portugal in Tokushima” and “Camões – So much War, so much deceit”, with Francisco Manso “El Cónsul de Bordeaux”. In the Czech Republic, with David Jarab, “Vaterland – A Hunting Logbook” and in Spanish “Fin de Curso” with Miguel Martí.
As a theater director, the most recent, “Los Cenci” by Antonin Artaud, “Venenos Indispensables” by Jaime Salazar Sampaio, “Barioná” by Jean-Paul Sartre, “Comedy of Insects” by Karel and Josef Capek, “Antigonas” by Sophocles, Jean Anouilh, Bertolt Brecht and María Zambrano, "The Blue Bird" by Maurice Maeterlink, "Dostoevsky Trip" by Vladimir Sorokin, "The Good Person" by Bertold Brecht, "The Emperor of China" by Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes.

Prado Pinilla

Specialty: Voice and body teacher titled in the Linklater Method (USA)
Course for acting professionals at the FUNDACIÓN TEATRO DE LA ABADÍA
Career path
After several years in acting, he decides to delve into the study and research of the voice, holding workshops and seminars with prestigious experts (Esperanza Abab, Vicente Fuentes, Patricia Kraus, Linda Weiss, Jean-René Toussaint, among others). She will obtain her voice teacher degree -Linklater Method- in 2012.
Currently, he continues his professional career both in the field of teaching -collaborating with different theater companies and schools of Performing Arts- and in stage performance.

Interests or artistic styles / Lines of research (3-5)

Creation and stage direction.

Investigation of voice and sound with different groups.

Studies taught

Dramatic Arts Diploma in Performing Arts, TAI University School

Preparation for the Degree in Performing Arts-Interpretation, TAI University School

Master in Audiovisual Acting, Performing Arts, TAI University School

Workshops and Seminars of the Linklater Method, Study of Actors and Directors Bululú 2120

Awards, mentions and recognitions
2010. Nominated for the Actors Union Awards in the Best Supporting Actress category for Sargento Garzón in “A Saco”.
2007. Nominated for the Max Awards for Best Supporting Actress for Mi-Tzú in “The Good Person of Sezuán”.
2005. Nominated for the Max Awards as Best Supporting Actress for Madame Pimentón in “La Mujer de la Sinmemoria”
Other merits
Co-founder of the cultural and artistic association LA NAVE DE LOS LOCOS, Madrid, 2001.
Coordinator and teacher of EL TAPETE (Permanent Theater Workshop) at the COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY of MADRID (1999 to 2007).
Collaborator of the INTEGRARTE project (2004-2007), directed by David Ojeda.
As a professional actress, she has been affiliated with the Union of Actors and Actresses of the Community of Madrid since 1996.

Julian Gomez Pavon
B.boy/Breaker, with more than 14 years of experience in the bboyin/breakdance scene in Spain, with some training in acrobatics and contemporary dance.

DANI PANULLO DANCETHEATRE CO. 2006-2014 Choreographer and dancer
NY Story “Clazz Jazz Madrid Festival” Teatros del Canal. 2013
Avalanche “XXVII International Festival MADRID IN DANCE” Teatros del Canal. 2012.
Pajaro de Fuego and Uirapuru “Adaptation of the ballet” Teatros del Canal. 2012
Meeting of Urban Culture of the Mediterranean in Cairo/Egypt.2010
D esorda nce Performance “Bal de la Rose” Monaco.
Desordances 4 Little Street Pieces. 2007
With national representation in events such as:
Madrid Urban Culture Festival
Battle of the Year Iberica
React Alicante
Face to face Valencia
evolution barcelona
Duel of the Desert Almería
Hipnotik Barcelona
With international representation:

Hip Hop Connection Italy: Breathe in break out Germany: • Olsztyn Euro Breaking, Poland: • Unbreakable Belgium: h ttps:// v=u4NcOCJG5Io
EuroBattle Portugal.
Circle Kingz Switzerland.
B.Boying Teacher Eda Dance School Live
Professor of B.Boying in Cultural Centers of the Community of Madrid
promotional videos
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